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Dog House Brewing Company

We are a start-up, father-son operated local brewery. Petawawa is our home, sharing its history and our beer is our passion!

Domaine de Cawood

The very local character of this vineyard and its wine cannot be overstated.   Their first vintage is a red wine made mainly from the...

Two Hawks Brewing Co

Two Hawks Brewing Co. is owned and operated by two currently serving military members. What started as an idea while having a pint came to be what is...

Farmgate Cider

We are a family cidery focused on making dry European-style ciders using a combination of traditional and modern techniques.

L'Ancienne Banque

A new restaurant and brew-pub on l’Isle-aux-Allumettes that has quickly gained a great reputation. L'Ancienne Banque is a...

Little Red Wagon Winery

Little Red Wagon Winery opened in 2017 after a long wait. Since 2010, when we planted our first vines with 3-year-old Sam pulling a red wagon abound...

Coronation Hall Cider Mill

A family-run artisanal cidery and country store in West Quebec's Pontiac County offering a variety of products from hard and soft ciders to apple...

Domaine Du Pontiac Village

First planted in 2007, Domaine du Pontiac Village grows a wide variety of different grapes. Their red, white, and rosé wines reflect the...

Brauwerk Hoffman

Seven trips to Germany over forty years have instilled in us a true appreciation for that nations lagers and ales which are famous for their...

Square Timber Brewing Company

Hand-hewn ales and lagers crafted in the Ottawa Valley - Square Timber Brewing Company is a small, independent craft brewery located in...

O'Kenny Craft Spirits

O'Kenny Craft Spirits produces small batch craft whisky, craft moonshine, craft vodka and craft gin.

Cartwright Springs Brewery

Cartwright Springs Brewery was born out of spring water and the need for natural and sustainable beer. Not only do they care about the environment,...

Calabogie Brewing Company

The Calabogie Brewing Company is proud to serve the local area with an unrivalled passion and love for beer, and has recently expanded it’s...

Whitewater Brewing Company - Lakeside

Whitewater Brewing Company brews high-quality craft beer from locally sourced ingredients. 

Whitewater Brewing Company - Riverside

Whitewater Brewing Company brews high-quality craft beer from locally sourced ingredients.