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About Us

Showcasing Local Inspiration at Every Turn

The Ottawa Valley and Pontiac Region’s are home to world-class whitewater paddling and pristine wilderness as far as the eye can see. Not to mention, a diverse blend of heritage and cultural richness.

Come wander through the beautiful Ottawa Valley and Pontiac Regions as you sip and savour the best wines, brews, ciders and spirits. All made right here with local ingredients. Escape the city or discover something new in your own backyard on this self-guided tour!

Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive. Always have a designated driver if you are consuming.

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Our Story

Tap & Cork Route: A Cross-Border Collaboration in Craft Alcohol Tourism

In 2018, the SADC Pontiac took the initiative to propose a unique collaboration to promote the burgeoning craft alcohol industries on both sides of the Ottawa River. This collaborative effort involved partnering with the Ottawa Valley Tourism Association, creating the foundation for what would become the Tap & Cork Route. The aim was to establish the first interprovincial self-guided tourism route dedicated to showcasing the rich offerings of the craft alcohol scene. 

The collaboration received enthusiastic support, and with the inclusion of the tourism partner at the MRC Pontiac, the team worked diligently to bring the project to life. The Tap & Cork Route was officially launched in October 2019, marking the beginning of a journey that has since experienced steady growth. This innovative venture not only promotes local craft alcohol industries but also encourages cross-border tourism, fostering economic and cultural ties between the communities on both sides of the Ottawa River.


The Tap & Cork Route is a self-guided tour highlighting the Ottawa Valley and Pontiac Region’s best wines, beers, ciders and spirits.

Meet the creators of these delectable samplings, hear their stories and witness their passion for their craft first hand. At each of the stops along the way, discover a new flavour, a new aroma, a new favourite.

Hours of operation vary at each location. Check the listings and plan your route accordingly.

Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive. Always have a designated driver if you are consuming.

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