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WHITEWATER BREWING CO. LAKESIDE Story by Katharine Fletcher; photos by Eric Fletcher

“A group of us conceptualized creating a microbrewery on the Ottawa River during a trip paddling on the Colorado River in 2010. After navigating about 100 rapids there — and after ten years as a rafting guide with Wilderness Tours on the Ottawa— here we are!”

So said Chris Thompson, President of Whitewater Brewing Company.

Now, every good ale requires a gifted brewmaster who understands the chemistry and biology of brewing. “Those subjects were my best suite in school,” Brewmaster Sean Goddard admitted while conducting his site tour.

Wherever possible, Whitewater uses local products: hops from Allumette Island imbue Whistling Paddler, their English-style ale, giving it a fresh, crisp taste. Nonetheless, crystal malt used in Farmer’s Daughter, Whitewater’s best-selling blonde ale, is German. “There just isn’t a Canadian substitute,” Goddard explains.

Whitewater is committed to sustainability. By carefully maintaining their yeast, it’s reused for many batches. And they’ve reduced the amount of water from the normal 10-20 litres per litre of beer, to 6-7 liters. “I’m aiming for 5,” Goddard adds.

Pointing to a bin of spent grain, he mentioned a local beef producer uses it to supplement his livestock’s feed. While lunching, Server Paddy Gocan explained the extra-lean, grass-fed beef further emphasizes Whitewater’s commitment to le terroir. In a sense, the brewing processes’ spent grain has become a hidden, signature ingredient complimenting Whitewater’s table.

So, come and explore Whitewater Lakeside. Order a burg and a flight of beer to discover your fave. Tip? Try Whitewater’s Peanut Butter Shake — a most unusual stout.

Whitewater Brewing Co. Lakeside 78 Pembroke St., Cobden, ON, K0J 1K0 613.646.0101 Tours: Saturdays 1:00 – 4:00 MUST be reserved in advance

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